We Have a Winner: $50 Review and Giveaway Contest with American Muslim Mom

Posted on August 16, 2012 by Hygienna Store

 We have a winner for our $50 Review and Giveaway Contest with American Muslim Mom! Many comments were submitted; comments which made us smile as well as inspired us to continue working hard to provide products that can be beneficial to others. Chosen by Ponn Sabra, the winner of this contest is Sharifah Iqbal.

 Sharifah wrote:

“This item is great! I am so glad you did a review for it as well. I, too, like to read reviews before buying a product and I’ll probably purchase these as gifts in the future since they are practical, a good product and reasonable in price. I love your idea of placing it in a nail/makeup bag, Masha’Allah very good idea sister Ponn.

“Our family always washes with the water bottle when we are out, but it’s certainly a challenge to say the least, especially with kids. I can’t think of a funny story with the arrival of an item like this, but I do have a funny story about my son when he was younger. One day, I asked him if he “washed” himself after using the restroom at school. I always told him to bring a cup or water bottle with him to do so. He told me he couldn’t find one but he did wash himself. I wasn’t sure how, but he was happy to share he used the toilet water after he flushed to “wash” himself. I was soooo grossed out, yet proud he wanted to make sure he was clean. We had a whole other conversation about toilet water after that. 

 If I won I would get 4 teals and 1 pink. I’d give one to the hubby, one to the tween son, my mother, and my brother and of course myself.” ”

 Thank you for the positive feedback as well as for the funny story Sharifah, we hope that you and your family members enjoy your 5 Solos and make good use of them.

We would encourage you to view the contest page if you would like to read more funny stories as well as know what others think about the Hygienna Solo. Likewise, stay up to date with our activities as we have more good news on the way!



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