India's "Right to Pee"

Posted on June 20, 2012 by Hygienna Store

 We came across this article written by Jim Yardley from The New York Times and being a company that is greatly concerned with health and hygiene, we were intrigued by this article and decided to share it.

“Men and women here in India’s largest city, a congested, humanity-soaked metropolis of roughly 20 million residents, would seem bound by at least one common misery: far too many people sharing far too few toilets.”

This article speaks about the current plight of the women in India’s right to use the toilet, yes that’s right, their right to use the toilet. Unlike the men, women often have to pay to use the toilet and with India’s extremely low poverty rate the fee charged is too expensive for many of them to afford. This situation has been linked to health problems amongst Indian women such as urinary tract and bladder infections, diseases which could be prevented by drinking water which women have ceased drinking enough of so that they won’t need to use the toilet as often. Social activists in India are demanding that the women in India step up and begin demanding their “right to pee” from the government. Amongst their demands they are asking that the government builds more toilets, stops charging women to use them and also keep the toilet facilities clean.

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