Product Development: Universal Adapter

Posted on April 29, 2013 by Hygienna Store

The Hygienna Solo was designed to work with water bottles which have a mouth opening diameter of 19mm-22mm, with 20.5 being the ideal. Therefore the Solo will not work well with water bottles which have a larger opening diameter. Recognizing that this is a problem for some of our customers we are working on introducing a cascading collar for the Solo which will allow it to work with water bottles which have a larger mouth opening diameter, making the Hygienna Solo a truly universal adapter!

If you're having trouble finding a water bottle which the Hygienna Solo works with in your country then please contact us and we will do what we can to help you locate one. Likewise, please continue to share your feedback with us as we look forward to receiving and reading them.

Stay tuned and stay clean!



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PoopReport on the Hygienna Solo

Posted on December 08, 2012 by Hygienna Store

 The Hygienna Solo has been featured on!

 We sent the author of PoopReport a sample for her to review the Hygienna Solo. However, not only did she test the Hygienna Solo, but she also asked her son’s girlfriend and her daughter to test the Solo and share their thoughts.

 Click on the image below to read the full review. 


Worldwide Shipping

Posted on November 08, 2012 by Hygienna Store


For those of you who have contacted us regarding whether we are able to deliver the Hygienna Solo to your country, thank you! We are trying to get the Hygienna Solo into the hands of as many people that may benefit from its use and it pleases us to know that people in various countries find value in it.

Canada Post is the courier which we work with to deliver the Hygienna Solo. Through our experience with them we’ve found them to be a reliable postal company as they assist us in getting the Hygienna Solo to our customers on time and in sound shape. However, if requested by customers or distributors, we are willing to work with other postal services.

Canada Post ships items internationally and works with postal offices in various countries to make sure that the parcels reach their destination on time and in sound shape. With Canada Post we’ve successfully delivered the Hygienna Solo to customers in various countries. To name a few: Bahrain, Indonesia, Kuwait, England, Saudi Arabia, Japan, China, the United Arab Emirates … … … need we mention more?

Please remember that we are always looking to assist our customers, if you are unsure as to whether we can deliver our products to you then please contact us and we’ll let you know.

Stay tuned and stay clean!


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We Have a Winner: $50 Review and Giveaway Contest with American Muslim Mom

Posted on August 16, 2012 by Hygienna Store

 We have a winner for our $50 Review and Giveaway Contest with American Muslim Mom! Many comments were submitted; comments which made us smile as well as inspired us to continue working hard to provide products that can be beneficial to others. Chosen by Ponn Sabra, the winner of this contest is Sharifah Iqbal.

 Sharifah wrote:

“This item is great! I am so glad you did a review for it as well. I, too, like to read reviews before buying a product and I’ll probably purchase these as gifts in the future since they are practical, a good product and reasonable in price. I love your idea of placing it in a nail/makeup bag, Masha’Allah very good idea sister Ponn.

“Our family always washes with the water bottle when we are out, but it’s certainly a challenge to say the least, especially with kids. I can’t think of a funny story with the arrival of an item like this, but I do have a funny story about my son when he was younger. One day, I asked him if he “washed” himself after using the restroom at school. I always told him to bring a cup or water bottle with him to do so. He told me he couldn’t find one but he did wash himself. I wasn’t sure how, but he was happy to share he used the toilet water after he flushed to “wash” himself. I was soooo grossed out, yet proud he wanted to make sure he was clean. We had a whole other conversation about toilet water after that. 

 If I won I would get 4 teals and 1 pink. I’d give one to the hubby, one to the tween son, my mother, and my brother and of course myself.” ”

 Thank you for the positive feedback as well as for the funny story Sharifah, we hope that you and your family members enjoy your 5 Solos and make good use of them.

We would encourage you to view the contest page if you would like to read more funny stories as well as know what others think about the Hygienna Solo. Likewise, stay up to date with our activities as we have more good news on the way!



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American Muslim Mom Giveaway: Hygienna Solo Portable Bidets!

Posted on August 03, 2012 by Hygienna Store

The Hygienna Solo has received a great review from Ponn Sabra, the founder and owner of American Muslim Mom. With a mission to educate, enlighten and empower Muslim Moms to take action in their lives, is the #1 ranked online community and network blog Muslim moms (and Dads) in the world. 

Ponn and her family were more than pleased with the Hygienna Solo, especially their youngest daughter. She writes:

“We had so much fun, each getting our own to open, that the girls rushed to find water bottles in our recycling bin, fill them up and use it…hmm…kind of gives a GREAT incentive to potty training. Our youngest one did what you can imagine and yelled, “MY new water gun!” With hubby in his suit off to work, and me at the laptop…I had to kick her out of the house because I couldn’t let her see hubby and I laugh expressing that it was acceptable.”

In collaboration with American Muslim Mom, we are holding a $50 giveaway contest.  All that is required from you is to comment on her review telling her why the Hygienna Solo would be useful for your family, which colours you would like, who you would give them to, and to share any funny stories that you may have. The person with the most unique and interesting response as decided by Ponn will be chosen from the comments sections.

The Deadline for this contest is Wednesday August 8, 2010 at 11:59 P.N. Eastern Time, so get to commenting!


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